Skateboarding is cool.

Lately I've been swamped with a lot of work shooting various different events and, although I am very happy to be working behind a camera, I still felt I needed to produce something creative and usable in my creative portfolio. Knowing I had a free day coming up I contacted a good friend, Fil, and quickly set up an afternoon with him and a few friends skating around the city. I've photographed Fil skating before but this time around I decided to go with mostly natural light and a real 'run & gun', lifestyle feel. Some shots are even taken while I was biking.

I had such a great evening with the guys - it really brought me back to the days where I used to skate as a little punk ass kid around my home town. Although I never got good I always loved the lifestyle of it - everyone is so stoked and supportive of each other, nobody is worrying about anything but the next spot, and the determination to land a trick becomes contagious - it's so awesome when someone lands a trick they've been killing themselves to get.

Anyways, here's a little 'photo story' of the evening starting from the beginning of the evening to the end.

Can't wait to get out and shoot skateboarding again. Expect more this summer.

Cheers, Dylan