Kensington Market & Trinity Bellwoods

So... I'm still excited about shooting 120. I decided to take out the 503 to two of my favourite places in the city -Kensington Market and Trinity Bellwoods.

Kensington Market I


(Stoked on that one)

Kensington Market II
Kensington Market III
Kensington Market IV
Kensington Market V


Nobody dislikes this park. A hot spot for groups of friends to meet and drink beer in the sun. Seriously good vibes.

Trinity Bellwoods III
Trinity Bellwoods IV
Trinity Bellwoods VI
Trinity Bellwoods V
Trinity Bellwoods I
Trinity Bellwoods II

Lots of big things going on lately. Next week is NXNE and a week after that I'm directing my first short film!

Keep in touch! Dylan