Adrian Martinus - Avenue Article

Local woodworkers Adrian and Martinus Pool take the increasingly desired 'reclaimed wood' aspect of woodworking to a completely new level. In addition to working with typical reclaimed materials such as barn wood and old floors, these brothers have come to be known for their ability to work with an otherwise overlooked building material - broken skateboards. From AdrianMartinus perspective 'reclaimed wood doesn't have to look dirty".

Growing up close to their grandfather, a hobby wood turner, and simultaneously immersed in the skateboarding culture, the two seemed to have naturally acquired the skills to combine these two seemingly distant worlds. "We didn't approach woodworking seriously until we started using skateboards, at the time it was an easily accessible material that wasn't being used" Martinus explained. Having seen countless broken skateboards being thrown aside the duo began playing with the idea of building out this challenging but equally rewarding material.

Since each skateboard is already pre-shaped, drilled into, covered in extremely adhesive grip tape, and significantly beat up, building with this distinct material can be challenging. Like most things, these challenges also come with their rewards - because each skateboard is completely unique and comes with so many varying characteristics each piece they create ends up being completely individual to the next one. Although typically built of seven dyed maple veneers each skateboard manufacturer varies in the shape and colours of their product, with this and the consideration of the difficulty in sourcing material it would be impossible to recreate any exact piece. 

When asked about their design and build process, the brothers typically like to keep their procedures a mystery, but are able to joke that it's "a lot of making things square and glueing them together. There's a lot of glueing". With the increase of 'How-To' videos online, small unique businesses such as AdrianMartinus need to keep an air of mystery to them to maintain the desire for clients to purchase and support theirs and other artisan businesses. When compared to potentially similar brands, Martinus is confident as their products are both aesthetically interesting but also practical - "our approach is to refine the process enough that we're able to create products that have the interesting skateboard aesthetic but also maintain the pieces intended functionality".

A potential misconception of AdrianMartinus is of the actual magnitude of the duo's production. Their North-West Calgary workshop is clear indicator of the companies professionalism and seriousness - the shop is huge and filled with enough machinery to make any woodworkers head spin. In addition to the well designed workshop, being brothers seems to also help productivity as they both seem to be on the same page. Martinus explained that, "We're both all in, it's easy to empty the bank account for a new tool or make a big business decisions when we're so invested. Also, growing up on an acreage made us used to being together - we can spend hours working in the same room without speaking."

With the increasing success of their business, more and more of AdrianMartinus work is popping up around the city. In addition to the many private furniture sales their work can also be seen at Alforno, Last Best Brewery, Made By Marcus, Cucina, EAT, Royale, and various other restaurants and markets.

For the future, aside from surviving their unheard of work hours, they "have no interest in expanding just yet as all of our ideas come from doing the production ourselves. We're always focused on refining our product line and plan to soon launch a furniture line.". Commenting on how busy they are, Martinus jokes about how they run the company; "we can be as busy as we want to be and we always seem to be incredibly busy"