Catch up with a new website!

A new website! I'm so excited to finally have a website that showcases my work the way it deserves. The whole thing was designed and built by my good friend Brendan Rygus. If you're interested in getting a website I definitely recommend you check out his his work: Huge shout out to him! THANKS BENDY! One thing I'm particularly excited about with the new site is the integrated blog. No more Blogger! Also, if you didn't notice you can now Facebook 'like' each blog post - a perfect way to share the love! (hint, hint)

So, I haven't updated my blog for a month! That's insane! I shot a lot of work for BlogTO (that's to come later) and got a few photos on the way.

I did a shoot with Maria, aka Supermaniak, she's another photographer in Toronto and shoots basically every dubstep show in the city. She's also a DJ herself! Check out her photography:

I recognized her at most dubstep shows and she always had a really interesting style so I asked her to pose for a few photos. Results:





I've also taken random photos during my adventures. Here they are.

Sail Boat

One night I had the urge to go for a photo walk. Lately i've found them frustrating as I would basically walk for hours and not get any usable images. This time around I forced myself to slow down and really look around. Heres my results from a walk through Chinatown:



Okay, so as I mentioned earlier I've been shooting a lot for BlogTO. In addition to my weekly In The Window series I've also been shooting a lot of shows for them. Here's what I was up to during June:

A while back I covered a charity event where Metric was playing. We also had a chance to interview them. Here's the best from the night:



UnMasked article HERE

I also had the chance to photograph City And Colour when they played a free show down at Cherry Beach. I've been a huge fan of Dallas Green for years so i'm pretty stoked to have him in my portfolio. Check it:

City And Colour

I also wrote a review for this one. Check it and the rest of the photos here: City and Colour Review

During June was also NXNE. NXNE is basically a huge music festival that brings in hundreds of shows to Toronto over a weeks period. The whole week was a lot of fun! I photographed a lot of shows and drank a lot of beer. Gotta love NXNE.

First up was The Jagermeister Barbeque with The Flatliners and The Bouncing Souls.


The Bouncing Souls

Next night was Amos The Transparent again. I have no idea how many times I've photographed these guys - a lot.

Amos The Transparent

The same night I was able to check out a local band I have been into for a few months now. They rock. Check out The Great Bloomers.

The Great Bloomers

And then over to check out Today I Caught The Plague. The sound sucked in that venue so it was kind of disappointing but I still got this photo:

Today I Caught The Plague

Here's the article where I review each of those shows: NXNE Article

For NXNE I also photographed Stars at Dundas Square


Review and the rest of the photos: Stars at Dundas Square

A big night last month was the night I shot the Much Music Video Awards. Shooting the MMVA's was definitely a cool experience but it really opened my eyes to that style of work. The whole night was extremely chaotic and somewhat unorganized. It was really interesting seeing the behind the scenes of the whole thing. I'm happy I did it but it made me realize I will never make a living off of photographing celebrities.

A few photos from the day:

MMVA Award

Fefe Dobson

Here's a link the rest of the article with more photos and a little write up: My MMVA Experience

At the end of the month one of my favourite folk artists Joe Purdy came to the city. I was REALLY excited for this show. I've been a huge fan of his for years and he played my favourite song, The Pretenders. Awesome night.

Joe Purdy

Here's a link to my review and the rest of the photos: Joe Purdy at The Horseshoe

OKAY! I think that might be it for now. Thanks for stopping in and for all the support you've all provided me over the last few years! I look forward to hearing what you guys think of the new site - hopefully it brings in some new clients!


- Dylan