Catch up with a new website!

A new website! I'm so excited to finally have a website that showcases my work the way it deserves. The whole thing was designed and built by my good friend Brendan Rygus. If you're interested in getting a website I definitely recommend you check out his his work: www.brendanrygus.com. Huge shout out to him! THANKS BENDY! One thing I'm particularly excited about with the new site is the integrated blog. No more Blogger! Also, if you didn't notice you can now Facebook 'like' each blog post - a perfect way to share the love! (hint, hint)

So, I haven't updated my blog for a month! That's insane! I shot a lot of work for BlogTO (that's to come later) and got a few photos on the way.

I did a shoot with Maria, aka Supermaniak, she's another photographer in Toronto and shoots basically every dubstep show in the city. She's also a DJ herself! Check out her photography: http://www.thesupermaniak.com/

I recognized her at most dubstep shows and she always had a really interesting style so I asked her to pose for a few photos. Results:





I've also taken random photos during my adventures. Here they are.

Sail Boat

One night I had the urge to go for a photo walk. Lately i've found them frustrating as I would basically walk for hours and not get any usable images. This time around I forced myself to slow down and really look around. Heres my results from a walk through Chinatown:



Okay, so as I mentioned earlier I've been shooting a lot for BlogTO. In addition to my weekly In The Window series I've also been shooting a lot of shows for them. Here's what I was up to during June:

A while back I covered a charity event where Metric was playing. We also had a chance to interview them. Here's the best from the night:



UnMasked article HERE

I also had the chance to photograph City And Colour when they played a free show down at Cherry Beach. I've been a huge fan of Dallas Green for years so i'm pretty stoked to have him in my portfolio. Check it:

City And Colour

I also wrote a review for this one. Check it and the rest of the photos here: City and Colour Review

During June was also NXNE. NXNE is basically a huge music festival that brings in hundreds of shows to Toronto over a weeks period. The whole week was a lot of fun! I photographed a lot of shows and drank a lot of beer. Gotta love NXNE.

First up was The Jagermeister Barbeque with The Flatliners and The Bouncing Souls.


The Bouncing Souls

Next night was Amos The Transparent again. I have no idea how many times I've photographed these guys - a lot.

Amos The Transparent

The same night I was able to check out a local band I have been into for a few months now. They rock. Check out The Great Bloomers.

The Great Bloomers

And then over to check out Today I Caught The Plague. The sound sucked in that venue so it was kind of disappointing but I still got this photo:

Today I Caught The Plague

Here's the article where I review each of those shows: NXNE Article

For NXNE I also photographed Stars at Dundas Square


Review and the rest of the photos: Stars at Dundas Square

A big night last month was the night I shot the Much Music Video Awards. Shooting the MMVA's was definitely a cool experience but it really opened my eyes to that style of work. The whole night was extremely chaotic and somewhat unorganized. It was really interesting seeing the behind the scenes of the whole thing. I'm happy I did it but it made me realize I will never make a living off of photographing celebrities.

A few photos from the day:

MMVA Award

Fefe Dobson

Here's a link the rest of the article with more photos and a little write up: My MMVA Experience

At the end of the month one of my favourite folk artists Joe Purdy came to the city. I was REALLY excited for this show. I've been a huge fan of his for years and he played my favourite song, The Pretenders. Awesome night.

Joe Purdy

Here's a link to my review and the rest of the photos: Joe Purdy at The Horseshoe

OKAY! I think that might be it for now. Thanks for stopping in and for all the support you've all provided me over the last few years! I look forward to hearing what you guys think of the new site - hopefully it brings in some new clients!


- Dylan

May Update - What's coming.

It's been a while!

My computer crashed at the beginning of April but I was able to get it fixed! My roommate was generous enough to give me the parts to his old laptop and I found someone that was able to combine my broken one with his and create a sort of frankenstein laptop. Score.

During my time without a computer I kept shooting and was able to keep up on my priority photos using my other roommates laptop. I'm really grateful for all the people that helped me out - it could have been a disaster. Because I was focusing on other stuff I had a collection of personal photos built up. This will be a preview of the posts I'll be doing in the next week...
First, some random photos from my trip back home to Brockville...
I also found a skull in the woods. I cleaned it up and scanned it. Turned out pretty awesome.
Skull Scan
Okay... the following are a few preview photos of some of the posts I'll be making in the next week.
I've shot a few skateboarding shots before but never with flash. I've been wanting to try this out for a while and am pretty excited about the results. I was definitely experimenting and have a few things to learn but they're a good start. Here's a moment behind the scenes - the actual skate shots will be posted in the next few days.
Phil Chill
I also shot another entry to my People Watching series. Preview of that:
People Watching - Freedom Festival
I should also have those images finished and posted within the next few days.
So, now that I finally have a computer again I'll hopefully be back to posting a few times a month. I have a lot of shoots I hope to do this summer and am pretty excited to see the results. Some big things coming up! Yes!
If you're interested in following my other work I shoot and write for a Toronto Blog called BlogTO. I do a weekly series called In The Window that is released every Thursday and I shoot concerts a few times a month. If you're interested you can follow me on twitter and I'll tweet about them as they release. I'll do a concert photo update in the next few weeks with a few examples of what bands I've been shooting.
Check back in the next few days and I'll have the skate shots and the People Watching photos posted.
- Dylan

Print Prices

Hey guys!

I recently decided that I want to start selling more prints of my work. When photos are printed they're a lot better quality and I feel it gives the images more value. Photography is art and I want to start treating my photos more like fine art.
So! Here are the prices I will be selling my prints for:
8x10 - 25.00
8x12 - 25.00
12x18 - 40.00
16x20 - 80.00
24x36 - 150.00
Framed Prints:
8x10 - 60
8x10 - 65
12x18 - 80
16x20 - 130
*ask about bigger sizes.
The frames will be black with a white matte. If you prefer something else we can definitely work something out.
If you're interested e-mail me at contact@dylanleeder.com. Free delivery if you're in Toronto, Brockville, Ottawa or anywhere in between. Anywhere else there will be additional shipping charges. You can pay through paypal or e-mail money transfers.
You can choose from almost any photo of mine. Here are a few of the photos that turned out beautifully printed:
Gros Morne
Gros Morne
Village of Dildo
St. Johns
Newfoundland Teaser 4
Cape St. Mary's Park Reserve
Kayo! High five!
Sausage Lady
Anything from THIS blog post.
Anything from the Gold Medal win HERE.
Here are a few photos of prints I have around my place.

You can also get two prints (5x7) in one frame:


Lots of prints!!!

Again, you can get a print of almost any image I've taken. If you've ever really liked a photo of mine consider it - they really add to a room and it's A LOT better than viewing them on a computer monitor.
I'm also still selling my Newfoundland book. 100$ for the book. More details on my Newfoundland blog post HERE.
Thanks so much!
- Dylan!

Whats up? BlogTO.

I recently started shooting for a Toronto blog - BlogTO. I'm pretty excited about it because it's getting me back shooting shows and will hopefully open a few doors along the way. It's been interesting so far because a lot of the job is writing. I'm definitely not the strongest writer in the world but I'm interested in improving. I think it'll be a great advantage in my career if I'm also able to write about my future experiences.
I work for their music section so I'm shooting a lot of shows. With the shows I also plan on doing "features" on local musicians or musicians that are stopping through on tour. The features will be a good way to improve my portrait work and make for some interesting subjects along the way. With the portraits will also be an interview - it's funny because this kind of just plays off of my Strange(r) People project. I guess I just like people.
Here's a few photos and the links to my recent BlogTO articles:
Full article HERE
Persian Rugs
Persian Rugs
Full Article HERE
I also do a feature called "In The Window". It's basically a weekly article about what's in the windows of local record shops. I take photos of the storefront and then ask an employee to talk about a few of them. It's pretty interesting and has already gotten me listening to different music.
In The Window: Criminal Records
Criminal Records - Toronto
Full article HERE
In The Window: Rotate This
Rotate This - Toronto
Full article HERE
I recently also set up my Paypal. So... I'm going to try and really get into selling prints/books. I find the quality of a photo increases drastically once it's printed. I want to start putting more value on my photos, as I think some of them deserve. I'm going to do a post on specific prices and sizes of prints available in the near future. I'm excited.
So ya... lot's coming up in the future. A BUNCH of shows I'm hoping to cover coming up... Deer Tick, City and Colour, Frank Turner, Cancer Bats, Joe Purdy. I'm hoping to start shooting more portraits (hah I always want to shoot more portraits). Uhmm... Actually, I should go to bed.
I'll leave you with a pretty funny behind the scenes of a shoot I assisted for a Toronto based photographer Matt Barnes. I really admire Matt's work so it's been pretty cool experiencing it first hand. Really good way to learn.
For more of Matts work check out his website www.thatsthespot.com
Take care
- Dylan

Fall Update

It's been a while since I've updated this so... here I am.

I haven't updated too much since I got back from Newfoundland because of my transition into my new apartment and job. It's been a busy few months for me but I hope to do some shoots in the near future that I'm really excited for.

I recently started working at Pikto and am enjoying it. Pikto covers many areas of photography so I'm hoping it'll help round out my photograph knowledge more. With having studio rentals, photo printing, seminars, a gallery and press I'll definitely learn a few things along the way. I think the best thing about working at Pikto is being surrounded by photography. The more I'm surrounded by it the more I'll be inspired to shoot.

So yeah with living in the new apartment...

The Apartment

and working at Pikto I expect to be inspired/motivated to shoot more.

So much to do and so little time!!

I've also began thinking more and more about what direction I want to take my photography in. I think I may actually be realizing what I really want to be doing in the future and it feels good.

I find when I'm talking to photographers they mostly declare themselves one form of photographer and that's it. "Hi, I'm ****** and I shoot fashion" or "I shoot still life" or "I shoot film". Me? I just shoot. I simply love taking photos no matter what it is. I have a large range of photographs from portraits to events and I'm okay with that. Photography offers me a way to show my depiction of the things i've seen/done and also to have a creative outlet to produce images i've created in my head during my non-stop brainstorming. The satisfaction I get when I finish with an image is so rewarding that I crave it constantly.

My love of capturing the world around me is what powers my photography. If I go a week without producing at least one image I become anxious. Life moves so quickly and I hate the thought of missing an opportunity. I have found that photography is the best way of freezing time and truly immortalizing a moment I feel should be remembered. I live for new experiences and seeing new things. For me photography is the best way to keep those experiences alive - by capturing these images the moment lives past that 1/125th of a second. With sharing it to people I hope to provide at least the slightest idea of what it was like... good or bad. I want people to see what I'm seeing, to get intrigued, to wonder, to question or simply know that these certain things exist or are going on.

Another thing I love about photography is the power an image can have on a viewer. People say an image is worth a thousand words but I personally believe they're worth more. When someone views an image they have no choice but to think something of it and with that I've already done what I want to do... I've got you thinking, I've got you feeling something.

Here are a few photos I've taken recently.

Sausage Lady:

Sausage Lady

My roommate Andrew:


Michelle and Derek:

Michelle And Derek

Koli's Hand:


While i'm at it here's a few Newfoundland photos. The next post will be completely dedicated to Newfoundland. It'll be really awesome.

Newfoundland Teaser 4

Newfoundland Teaser 3

In other news...

A few months back I took photos of art for a book called "Around The World In the Blink Of An Eye". The photos were simple copy board lighting shots of the artwork so you wouldn't be able to tell they're mine - but I'm still extremely excited to help such a positive project. The book is a charity book that directly supports education and literacy programs in Africa. If you're interested you can check out the book and the organization, we(e)press, here.

Lately I've also had a very strong interest in conflict photography. I hope that someday I'll able to shoot conflict but that won't be for a while. It's something I'm definitely going to have to ease myself into. Here are two documentaries that I loved.

The first is called War Photographer and it follows conflict photographer James Nachtway. I loved the way they attached a video camera to his still camera so you can see the exact moments he's photographing. It really shows how personal he gets with his subjects.

"In a way, if an individual assumes the risk of placing himself in the middle of a war in order to communicate to the rest of the world what is happening. He's trying to negotiate for peace" - James Nachtway taken from War Photographer.

Here's a trailer:

And you can watch it here.

The second one is called Shooting Robert King and it follows Robert King for over 15 years while he photographs three different wars. It follows him from the time he was 23 and just out of college so it's particularly interesting to me. I loved his honesty about it all and how naive he was going into it. Very eye opening.

You can watch it here.

So yes... I have ideas for a lot of shoots so hopefully I'll be able to put them into action soon. Pikto is a good step but I can't wait until the day that my full time job is taking photos. Even the thought of getting paid to be somewhere and doing something I love is surreal. Sure! I'll travel to another country to take photos for you!

I'll leave you with a video by one of my most recent musical obsessions, Frank Turner. Honestly, I listen to at-least one cd of his every day.

"AND I WONT SIT DOWN! And I wont shut up! But most of all I won't grow up!"

- Dylan

Catch Up - Newfoundland Teaser/Strange(r) People

Hello friends!

Life has been pretty exciting lately... I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Newfoundland, I've moved into a brand new apartment in the heart of downtown Toronto, and I've started a new project that I'm absolutely in love with. Life is good.

So... I have absolutely fallen in love with Newfoundland. The land, the people, the atmosphere, the ocean... everything. The whole trip was surreal. Going into it I never expected the amount of beauty I witnessed over the two weeks there. Me and my co-pilot, Lexi, were able to cover most of the shoreline of the island and were able to see various terrains from mountain ranges, cliffs dropping into the ocean and vast fields with what seemed like no ending. Canada is amazing.

I won't go into it too much on this post because I'll go into all the detail in a future post dedicated to the trip. I'm not quite done the photos yet so I'll just post a sort of "teaser"...

Newfoundland Teaser:

Newfoundland - Gros Morne

Newfoundland - Gros Morne

These are just two of a lot of images i'm very happy with. I'm excited for you to see them all.

And a few fun ones...

One of our campsites. Yes, that's the ocean and a full moon... We also enjoyed a bottle of wine on a stone beach that night.

Campsite in NFLD.

This is me flying a kite at the top of Signal Hill in St. Johns.

Me flying a kite in NFLD.

And introducing my wicked co-pilot Lexi! Without her the trip would not have ran nearly as smoothly as it did. She did most of the navigating and figured out crucial things during the day... like where to camp in a campground without paying - and not get caught. Oh, and she was able to put up with me for two weeks straight! GO LEXI!


Okay, that's all about NFLD for now. Keep checking back and i'll have the official Newfoundland post up. I may be doing something pretty big before that... but stay tuned either way because i'll be posting about it as it develops.

Okkaayyy... NEXT.

Strange(r) People

I've recently started a new project that i'm super excited for called "Strange(r) People". I explain everything about it on the blog so you'll have to go over there to understand what it's about.

But... here i'll ask this... TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Strange(r) People is a project I really want to spread around. I feel that not only will I get A LOT out of it personally but other people may get something out of it as well. It IS about people. Also, it'll help my photography career so... why not?

A photo from the latest post:

Strange(r) People

I've only got one post of up so far but it gives you a good idea of what it's about. I'm also testing it with two different hosts so there's two options to check it out...

I think i'm liking Tumblr a bit more so here's that link...


And if you're into blogspot here's the link to it...


I expect to update it at least once a week with various sorts of people. I may even start theming each post. Who knows... it's still in the early stages.

So yes, I love hearing all your feedback so feel free to comment here, facebook, or any other way you can... send me a letter!

Thanks so much!

Selling my own book!

As many of you may or may not know a long term goal of mine is to become a travel photographer and document the world around us. I've always been extremely captivated of the world around me and believe that the best "profession" for me is using my love of photography with my curiosity to produce images that open peoples eyes.

My intention is to capture everything about the world from war torn countries as a conflict photographer to the beauty of the earth itself as a landscape photographer. To me it's important to capture both extremes as both one can create a blind eye to the other.

So, saying that, I'm taking a trip to the east coast of Canada strictly to document and photograph the area/people/lobster... or whatever else captures my eye. For me this trip is the start to my career as a travel photographer and it will also provide me with something to show potential clients that I can do it well. I know a lot of you are thinking that the east coast may be boring or unexciting compared to the other wonders of the world but that is part of the challenge for me. It challenges me to come back with a pile of images that make you go "hey, Newfoundland actually looks pretty cool!"

During my trip there is no pre-planned places to go or places to sleep. I am going to go and seek out any area that draws my attention and than pitch a tent... I'm obsessed with the ocean so it'll probably be on the oceans shore most of the time.

Wondering where I'm going with this?

Well, with traveling comes expenses and being an artist is no glamorous lifestyle... so... I've made a book!!

The book is a hardcover, 8x10, 22 page book with full page photos from the last few years. The photos range many different areas from still life to protest photos. Here's a few images of what it looks like...

My book!

My book!

My book!

Okay, so I'm selling the book itself for 40.00$ OR you can get the book and a 10x15 print for 60.00$. Want to see an example of one of the prints???

My Print!!

Also...I can, and will, be switching the books up regularly so few, if any, of the books will be the same as each other. Annddd... if you ever saw a photo I've taken that you've really enjoyed I can even make an effort to include it in the book for you!

In terms of the prints it's up to you to decide what you want. There will be restrictions but if you have one in mind we can definitely discuss it. You can choose any photo from my blog or website.... or any photo you've seen of mine, really.

Also, if you find that those prices are a little too high for you we can probably discuss something. I want as many people as possible to get ahold of these but I can't lose money, ya know?

If interested shoot me an e-mail at contact@dylanleeder.com or call me at 416.668.8426.

Thank you so much for the support!! It means the world to me.
- Dylan

Kittens, Lightning and other goodies.

Hey! So... It's been a while since I've updated this so be ready for a decent amount of photos coming your way.

Basically I've just been playing around with my 5D Mark II. Also, I've begun experimenting with flash in environmental shots. I need another flash, tho! And a softbox. Accepting donations. hah

So... the following are basically from a walk downtown Toronto.

Distillery District



The Market

The Market

I also picked up an umbrella for my Speedlight. Here's some examples of me practicing with it.

My roommate Brandon! One of the nicest dudes ever.


The BBQ...


SMOKEY GET OFF THE BBQ! (No cats were harmed in this shot... OBVIOUSLY.)


Now it's time for the "Awwwww!" factor. Check out my other roomates new kitten.

Introducing the house's little tiger, Ganesh.



And Bandit introducing himself to Ganesh...

Bandit Introduces


Okay, now to add some badass to the mix.




And a quick shot of my really good friend Sierra. So pretty!


Uhmmm... yep.

OH! OH! I almost forgot. Since my last post I have redone my whole website! It's not perfect but it'll definitely do the job. Website design isn't my strongest point but I don't think I did too bad of a job!

Check it out at www.dylanleeder.com


And. Like always. All images are © Dylan Leeder.