My first short documentary, and why video is exciting.

I'm slowly learning video and it's quite the process. A while ago I directed a music video and, although I'm happy with the results, I've realized that i'm probably a more hands-on artist. I've played with a few small tests and edits including a recent BTS video, but recently I wanted to test the waters of a more documentary style approach.

I chose to shoot Andrew, my roommate, and his canoe, as the story is easily accessible to shoot on my free time. He's also someone who I know doesn't care if I'm slow or unsure shooting and I know his expectations would be reasonable. Knowing the whole thing would be a learning process, I was happy to have someone kiiiinnddaaa cool and doing something that would be interesting to viewers. Anyways, here it is:

Although I've just finished it, there's already so many things I would change. I want to begin exploring new camera movements, get into the more advanced editing techniques, and hopefully have the opportunity to try some new gear that the video world has to offer (stabilizers!).

Video is such an exciting world for me as it incorporates many of the elements that I've already come to love in photography. With where I am in photography, most of the technical aspects have become second nature so it's exciting to step into a world where there's so many new and challenging areas to explore technically and creatively.

Considering the direction that digital media is going I expect a time will come, if we're not already there, where photographers are simply expected to be able to create video content. I think this is an exciting and almost natural transition as many of the visual skills of creating photos easily translate into video.

To make the whole process seem less intimidating, I just consider video a way to bring my photos to life - and I, personally, think that's super cool.


P.s. Someone please teach me Final Cut.