The Rifle & The Writer - Behind The Scenes in a Diner.

Hey guys!

Two of my favourite musicians from my hometown, Brockville, recently asked me to do some promo shots for their new project titled 'The Rifle & The Writer'. Having shot images for their previous project, Catalina, I was excited to work with this duo again.

It's always great to work with young, creative, and ambitious people from back home. Being based in a city the size of Brockville could be considered a disadvantage but Colby and Rebekka (aka The Rifle & The Writer) have such a refreshingly positive outlook on the city they call home. 

The day consisted of two shoots: The first was album artwork for their first album and the second were the promo shots shown below. We shot these at Leoni's Diner - a small restaurant that I used to regularly sneak out of high school to grab lunch at. It was nice to get some images in a place I frequented while growing up.

Again, shot with Broncolor's Move Kit, I basically used a simple setup of one head with a large photoflex umbrella. Quick and easy in demanding environments with no time for setup or testing. The goal of the first image was to fill in the two of them while working with the rad natural light the blinds allowed in.

For the second shot we moved over to the bar where we ordered some milkshakes for the two of them. The whole goal of this shoot was to lighten up their image as the album artwork has a pretty dark and heavy feeling to it. So, what's more cheery than milkshakes?!

This one was a bit tight to shoot as I had to shove my large umbrella behind the bar but It worked to fill them in. And yeah, we had fun while at it...

It's always nice to have a reason to get back home and visit loved ones, but this particularly was a treat as I don't often have an opportunity to create some nice environmental images in places from my childhood. The shoot ran smoothly, Leoni and his staff were extremely accommodating, and now The Rifle & The Writer have a few images to use until they release their album.

I'm really excited to release the album artwork. We created a studio in their jam space and were able to create some dark and moody images. The following is an outtake of Rebecca I shot during the studio setup. It's much less dark than the album artwork will be but I thought it turned out well and would make for an interesting 'teaser' for the next time we release their images.

Big thanks to...

Colby and Rebekka for having me shoot their project's new images!
Leoni's for allowing us to take over their restaurant for a bit!
Anthea for assisting and helping me lug my gear around all weekend.
Randi Kerr for the behind the scenes images!