Fil Skateboarding... again.

Fil 1

What's the best way to deal with the fact the winter is looming closer? Get the hell outside. What's a super cool thing to do outside? Photograph a rad dude effortlessly throwing down huge ollies over things.

I don't shoot skateboarding often but when I do it always seems to be Fil on deck (get it?). Typically I would worry about shooting the same subject too much, but working with Fil is just such an easy collaboration that always produces exciting results. For instance, things ran so smoothly this time around that I could have walked away happy after my second frame (see above)... but that would have been dumb.

Fil 2
Fil 3

Shooting skateboarding can be pretty stressful with the importance of freezing the moment, but timing your shutter can also be a huge challenge. Luckily for me, Fil is super laid back and crazy consistent with his tricks. Fil, thanks for putting up with all my "one more time..." requests.

Fil 5
Fil 6

In addition to his skills on a skateboard Fil is also an all around good dude. It’s always a pleasure hanging out with someone that’s so passionate about so many aspects of life and has such a genuinely great attitude towards people and the world around him. Like, I'm pretty sure Fil has inspired this little guy to be the next skateboard prodigy. Kudos, Fil.

Fil 7

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Thanks! Dylan