Kayla and her husky, Nico.

Kayla 6

You know those people in your life that have just been around so long that they are considered 'family'? Well... meet Kayla, my 'sister'. Her mother is one of my mother's best friends and we grew up hanging out while our parents got together. The grown ups would be hanging out on the deck while we rampaged running around until the point in the evening that we thought was rebelliously late - probably 11pm or even MIDNIGHT. Party animals.

Since our 'party animal' days Kayla has grown to work in the nursing field - a career I find doesn't get nearly enough credit as it should. Here I am taking photos and she's literally making other peoples lives better day to day. Serious credit to Kayla and anyone else in the nursing field for their hard work and dedication through times I hear can be unpleasant to say the least.

Kayla 3
Kayla 5

When Kayla was 18 she decided to get herself a husky puppy or more specifically a siberian pure bread - something I find amusing for two reasons; because that amount of responsibility at that age would have made me run screaming and also because the dog is literally half her size. Although she's admitted Nico (the husky) can have the tendency to get into trouble she doesn't seem never stops being amused by his antics. Her constant giggling and admiration for her dog genuinely warms my heart - her love for her dog makes me want to go out get some equally badass companion.

Anyways, me and Kayla have been discussing taking some photos of the duo for a while so I made sure to find a few hours when I was in Brockville last. Check 'em out...

Kayla 1
Kayla 2

Thanks!! Dylan