'Gun Travel' - My first video project.

The world of video has always intrigued me and it seems that more and more photographers are acting under the 'director' role. Combining my strong intrigue and the pressure of keeping 'up to date' I decided to test the waters and see what I could do with motion. Having made friends with a few experienced video people I decided to ask a for a few favours and put a little production together. Although happy with the results I definitely came out of it knowing I had things to learn. Not only with the technical areas but also with what direction I want to commit to within the video world - do I want to tell stories I make up? Document events? Tell someone else's stories? Or perhaps focus on more 'profile' like pieces... I still don't know. But, with this I decided to go all out and create a story and direct the way it was going to be told.

Presenting... Gun Travel:

HUGE thanks to everyone involved!

Starring - Alana Pancyr, Geoffrey Cameron, Kathryn Masters Cowritten and Produced by Adam King Cinematography and Editing by Paul Duck Original Song, 'Rain Child' by Bravestation Makeup and Hair by Tammy Fraser and Assisting by Emilyn Narraway

Looking back I feel that my experience with video is going to end up going the direction that my photography has - documenting peoples stories or perhaps places but definitely focusing on more 'visual' pieces.

Saying that, I actually have talks with a local artist about creating a music video for him in the near future. Excited to give it another shot!

Thanks! Dylan