Colin Groenewoud - Childhood best friend.

Colin 1

Colin and I have been friends for more years than I've known most of my closest friends today. We've grown from getting creative with swear words in elementary, to the stereotypical skate punks terrorizing the small town, to the young professionals we are today. Our friendship has had its up and downs, pointless arguments, considerable disagreements, and thousands of kilometres of separation but there has never been a moment where I didn't consider him one of my closest friends.

For the last few years we've unfortunately lived in very different cities - I made the trek to Toronto and he further to Vancouver but when we do manage to cross paths it's like nothing has changed. Although we both have taken extremely different paths in life we've both maintained the same value on our friendship that we've had since we first became friends.

Colin has been killing it over the last few years and recently landed a promising job in Australia - a country I can vouch he's always admired. A few weeks ago me and the rest of the old "gang" got back together in our hometown to throw him a little farewell party. With the few hours we had to hang out I thought it would be fitting to take a few portraits in front of the river we both grew up on - rain or shine.

Colin 2

Colin, I sincerely wish you the best. I hope Australia is everything you've always hoped for and more. May your legs be constantly sore from surfing and your professional endeavours continue unhinged.

Here's a photo I took of Colin 6 years ago when I was going through the 'HDR' phase. Please forgive me.

Colin - Peace

- Dylan