35mm: It's spring! Get the film!

Every fall I tend to put my film cameras away for the winter months. I've only realized this recently but I think the reasons are probably as follows.. 1) It's not as enjoyable walking around taking photos in the cold. 2) It's brighter in the summer - I don't like using flash with film so the longer daylight hours make for more opportunities. 3) I go to more interesting places in the summer. 4) I just feel summer has a 'film' vibe. 5) I like combining awesome things. Both summer and film are awesome.

Anyways... I decided to start travelling with my Canon AE-1 and some expired film. Here are the results:

Spring Film
Spring Film 2
Spring Film 3
Spring Film 4
Spring Film 5
Spring Film 6
Spring Film 7
Spring Film 8
Spring Film 9

This is Thomas Slack. He's really cool.

Thomas in the woods.

... it was nice out... just still frozen. #Canada

Spring Film 10

I've been slacking on editing lately and I plan on getting my shit together and getting them done. Expect a few blog posts in the near future.

Enjoy the warm weather! Dylan