Jeremy and Karyn of Revolution

Jeremy & Karyn

While visiting home a few weeks ago I took some time to photograph the local legendary duo that is Jeremy and Karyn Conway. Together they own and run the local skate shop, Revolution, and outside of their work they are just generally amazing contributors to the local community.

Jeremy & Karyn II

Rev (as the locals call it) opened in 2000 and has been the only skate shop to land in Brockville since. Since the beginning the local skate scene has been extremely loyal to the shop; just as Jeremy has been of the scene. Since I was a little skate punk growing up I can always remember Jeremy opening different skateparks in any locations he could - warehouses, skating rinks - and doing whatever else he could to keep kids skating. For years he was always pushing forward, even through any turbulence the city may have provided.

Then, in 2007 and after 5 years of planning, the permanent skatepark was finally finished. The park since has put Brockville on the map in terms of Ontario skateparks (from what I've heard, anyways) . Here's a photo of the park I took shortly after it opened:

Brockville skatepark

and Jeremy making it official...

Brockville skatepark opening

As if their support for the local skate scene wasn't enough the pair also run a local youth group and are still supporting the youth of Brockville in what seems every way possible.

Now you should check out Revolutions Facebook page and if you’re ever in Brockville (the 401 goes right through) I encourage you to stop in and say hello. Good vibes and rad products.

Jeremy and Karyn, thanks for supporting the youth in a city that can sometimes seem like they've been forgotten. You guys rock.

- Dylan