A weekend with the Canon 1Dx

Through work I'm lucky enough to have access to a lot of the new and exciting coming out. This past weekend I chose to take the Canon 1Dx for a ride and see what I thought. To put it simply... it's really awesome. I really pushed it's ISO capabilities and was impressed. Also, the auto focus and automatic white balance was really nice to work with compared to my 5D MkII. With the price of this camera I really don't expect to own it any time soon but it's really made me consider using cameras in the 1D series more often.

Anyways, here's some street photos:

1Dx - Photo walk 6

1Dx - Photo walk 3

1Dx - Photo walk 1

1Dx - Photo walk 7

1Dx - Photo walk 8

1Dx - Photo walk 10

1Dx - Photo walk 9

1Dx - Photo walk 11

1Dx - Photo walk 12

1Dx - Photo walk 5

1Dx - Photo walk 2

I also heard about a party going on at a church by my house and knowing that the promotors, Mansion, put on awesome parties I knew it'd make for an good setting to really test the camera. As I expected, the party was crazy and it made for cool photos. I was only there for about half hour.








I also did a big shoot a few weeks back with some pretty intense prop firearms. I'm still editing them but I expect they will be up on my next post soon.

Also, I've officially announced my gallery showing with Maria Jose Govea (aka The Supermaniak). I may do an individual blog post on that in a bit too. Here's the facebook event if you want to check it out:


I'll be in touch! - Dylan