Sean from Mike The Bike

So I love biking.. and I really love my bike. I went to this really rad used bike shop called Mike The Bike to find some old handlebars to cut down and use - as the bars I currently use I bought there were 5.00 and they're awesome.

ANYWAYS... While I was there I saw Sean and I was like "that dude looks rad fixing those bikes" so I asked if I could take his portrait. And so, a week later I did...


Yeah, he may not have been a man of many words but he was a straight up awesome dude. Passionate about what he does, but not obsessive. Loves his job and seems to appreciate life.

He's 28 years old, has worked at Mike On Bikes for 2 years and is in two bands - Bacterial Culture and IDNS.



Yeah. Good times.

Here's some other photos I took around the shop...

Mike On Bikes Inside

Mike On Bikes Inside

And the shop itself...

Mike On Bikes

It's just outside Kensington Market right off of Spadina. If you need some work done on your bike, some spare parts for dirt cheap, or even to buy a used bike like you've never before seen check it out. The people are rad and it's a super relaxed environment.

Also, tonight I shot an awesome set of photos. Went out with the 'Vice' concept in mind. The piece is going to take some writing. So, it's going to take awhile as I haven't written anything serious in quite a bit. Basically I threw myself into a lifestyle I had no idea about, took some photos, asked some questions, and came out with a completely different outlook. All in all, had so much fun.

Be stoked for my next post.

Love you all, Dylan