With the amount of shoots i've been doing for our DJ Series it's become hard to find time to work on creatives. Although I'm happy with the way the DJ series is turning out i'm forcing myself to start doing more creatives - especially considering I have a big gallery showing in December. A few weeks ago I managed to get ahold of Sian from Elite Models and pull together a simple beach shoot. The shoot was extremely last minute... she did her own makeup and brought her own wardrobe. Basically I was just dying to get out and take some portraits in natural light. I'm glad I did.

These are the results...

Sian 2

Sian 1

Sian 4

Sian 3

All the photos were taken with the new Canon 5D Mark III with either the 100mm or 35mm. LOVE all that gear. The Mark III is so awesome.

So yeah, the opening for my gallery showing is going to be December 5th. You should come... I promise it'll be awesome.

Talk soon! - Dyl