DJ Series: Denise Benson, Mark Oliver

Okay, so... instead of going on with my usual "I've been busy rant" about why I haven't been posting at all I'm gonna keep it short. I've been super busy.

... but I'm back.


This is Denise Benson.

I've still been working on my DJ Series. I've actually lost count of how many i've photographed but I'm still trekking on. I've got big ideas for when i'm done the series but I'll wait to talk about that...


Denise Benson

DJ Denise Benson

A few weeks ago I photographed local DJ and writer, Denise Benson. Denise is a big face in the Toronto electronic scene - not only is she a very busy DJ but she's also a writer for TheGrid writing about the history of club culture in Toronto. Pretty cool! She's been a DJ for years and it's really cool to hear about what the culture used to be like years before I ever got involved.

DJ Denise Benson


Here's the article with more photos of Denise and an interview with my writer, Igor Bonifacic. Check it out on BlogTO here:

Mark Oliver

DJ Mark Oliver

So, I've seen some people refer to Mark Oliver as a sort of legend in Toronto. He's a resident DJ at Toronto's (and probably Canadas') most famous club, The Guvernment, and has been said to have "fathered the rave movement in Toronto back in the late 1980s" (my writer, Igor, actually said that exact line in the interview). So yeah, he's pretty rad.

DJ Mark Oliver

To be honest I wasn't feeling in my A-Game that day but i'm happy to have come out with a few photos I like. We happened to shoot in a location that Mark lived in years ago and he had some pretty neat stories including one of partiers flooding the first floor of his apartment building which had tens of thousands of his records on it - but luckily on the second floor.

DJ Mark Oliver



Here's the article with an interview with my writer, Igor Bonifacic. Check it out on BlogTO here:


Since I stopped posting I've actually shot a tonne of photos. With more DJ's, a few live shows, and random stuff in between I've built up a lot of material to post. I'm hoping to post a few a week so expect the next post in a few days. I'll end this with a random photo from 'in between'

Toronto Harbour