DJ Series: Matt Medley

DJ Medley I recently started a feature series for BlogTO on Toronto based DJ's. Although it's going to be challenging getting 10 DJ's and photographing them all in different locations I feel it'll be a good addition to my portfolio, give me practice on environmental lighting and be a cool experience meeting some of the cities best DJ's.

For the first entry my writer, Igor Bonifacic, decided to feature local talent, Matt Medley AKA DJ Medley. This dude was super cool - not only is he a prominent DJ both at Cobra and Andy Poolhall he also runs it. Any time you see Medley dj he's not only the performer but he also plans and runs each night. If that isn't keeping him busy enough he's also an established web designer - truly a man of many talents.

You can check out the article here:

DJ Medley

I'm hoping to do that background thing with every DJ. This may be a challenge with the winter wind but we'll see how it goes.

DJ Medley

There you can see my good friend, Braeden VanRooy, who was nice enough to help me out for the shoot. It was cold as tits but we fought through and got it done. Thanks Braeden!

DJ Medley

DJ Medley

I didn't even mean to make the lights in the background look like hearts! Win!

And here's a little Behind the scenes on how Braeden kept warm...

Braeden Keeps Warm

My next post should be in a few days. I shot a model in an abandoned homeless shelter - the photos are awesome, I promise.

Thanks guys! - Dylan