Practice makes perfect...

Hey! So the other day I decided to test out some lighting. Here are some photos of my friends:









Last week I photographed the Polaris Prize gala. It was a really cool experience! Basically it's a Canadian contest with a 30,000 dollar prize. The thing I like most about this contest is that a band of any size can compete against each other and not be judged based on fame.

They describe themselves as:

A not-for-profit organization that honours, celebrates and rewards creativity and diversity in Canadian recorded music. Polaris recognizes and markets albums of the highest artistic integrity, without regard to musical genre, professional affiliation, or sales history. it is adjudicated by selected music journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.


On Friday night I was lucky enough to be able to photograph Laura Marlings show. I'm a big fan of her music and the show was incredible. Her voice is amazing and she's even better live.

Laura Marling

I recommend you check out her music too:

Saturday I shot a wedding. I haven't shot a wedding in a long time and it was actually nice to do it again! The location was beautiful and it reminded me how awesome the vibe at weddings are - everyone is happy!

Things are going well and I've been thinking of big projects lately. I need to do a gallery showing!!!

- Dylan