Zach & Gatineau Hills

A friend of mine, Zach Gordensky, is taking a trip to Finland to listen to some music. He needed a photo so I offered to take some for him. Here’s a few photos from the shoot. ZachWEB-2




Living downtown Toronto can sometimes become overwhelming. Leaving my front doorstep I instantly become submerged in a sea of people – mostly tourists. Over time not escaping to somewhere with more nature and serenity can cause me to become pretty stressed. Knowing this I jumped on the opportunity to visit my hometown, Brockville, to chill out. Although the weekend was generally hectic I made sure to take a little trip and ‘poke around’ in some nature.

I knew of this location in Gatineau Hills because of a trip my first year photography class took. That day was a particularly good day for me as I was first meeting all my fellow photography students and, well, we got to go photograph somewhere awesome.

Here’s a photo I took 3 years ago:

Gatineau Hills

(Notice the cheesy frame. Oh, that learning curve)

Here’s the photo I took Saturday:

Gatineau Hill Here's a photo I took of my friend Tom.


Here’s a funny photo my mom found that I took when I was in high school. It’s homework teaching us about shutter speed – glad I figured that one out!

Old School Photo

Tomorrow night I'm shooting the Polaris Music Prize gala! Pretty excited about it.