Kensington Market

A really good friend of mine is leaving soon to begin travelling around the world for a year - our last day together couldn't have been any better! We decided to spend the day at Kensington Market in Toronto. Basically, it's awesome. Lot's of awesome shops, music, people, and general good times. I borrowed a Canon 24mm Tilt/Shift from work and was excited to get the opportunity to test it out.

To begin, here's a photo of Jess! I'm really happy to have gotten her photo the last day I saw her! I'm so excited for her - this trip is exactly what she's meant to do.

Jess's Goodbye!

(Window lens flare)

While we were walking I noticed this girl sitting in front of a store called "The Fairies Pyjamas". I took a few steps and quickly turned around realizing how awesome the photo would be.

Fairy Store Girl

As we were walking we came across a DJ playing inside this giant dragon made of garbage... oddly enough I didn't take a picture of that. I DID take a picture of a table near by.


Here's a car with trees growing out of it in front of an awesome painting. Hippy style.

Kensington Car

Two photos that go together.



There's also this one:


Life is good.

- Dylan