End Of August Update

I was recently hired at a photo gear rental place called Headshots. Im beginning to get used to the Monday - Friday, 9-5 lifestyle and I'm excited about the opportunities it'll provide. Being surrounded by the gear for 9 hours a day will definitely improve my photography on the technical side and I'll have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Being surrounded by photography will inspire me to shoot more. So yeah... I'm always shooting concerts so I'll start with that.

I went to Bon Iver a few weeks ago. I've listened to him on and off for a while now and seeing him live was amazing. The stage was full of people playing different instruments.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver

More photos on the review.

I also photographed Blink 182. This was really exciting for me because I've been a huge fan of Blink for years. They were that band that really got me into music and I've never completely stopped listening to them.

Travis of Blink 182

Mark of Blink 182

Tom of Blink 182

More photos on the Blink review.

Here's a photo I took of the band Aggressor. Three flashes, yo.


There's a rad clothing company out of Toronto that was holding a party at a local bar. The owner, Sharon, asked me to shoot the event and I was definitely down considering the agenda. Live music, a bunch girls in badass bodysuits, live music and poll dancing. The clothes are all hand made and extremely creative in terms of design. You should check out Toxic Vision here. Check out the photos from the night!

Toxic Vision Party

Toxic Vision Party

Toxic Vision Party


More photos from the night HERE.

I recently went to WEMF and didn't feel like taking my 5D so I took my 'fun camera' (35mm film). The whole weekend was insane and I was able to see some amazing DJ's live. Here's some photos I took.

Wemf '11

WEMF Dancing

WEMF '11

And here's a photo of my friends hanging out in a park.

High Park

Thanks! - Dylan