Lyall's Crow

So my laptop recently crashed. It's pretty frustrating being a photographer without his own computer. Luckily I live with a roommate who is nice enough to let me use one of his until I know what's up with mine - I will hopefully find out today.
No computer problem is going to stop me from taking photos, tho. I recently photographed my friend Lyall. Check out our hangout with his crow:
Lyall 3
Lyall 4
Lyall 1
Lyall 2
Lately I've also been shooting a lot for BlogTO - A lot of shows and also continuing with my weekly feature - In The Window.
Some of my latest posts I wrote and photographed:
Mother Mother:

My In The Window feature:
In addition to doing the show review for Listener I also managed to get a few videos of Dan doing his spoken word. I really like this guys music.
Yep. So I've basically just been keeping busy, working on my portfolio, and rockin' out. My birthday is on Friday! Exciting!
- Dylan