Catch Up - Newfoundland Teaser/Strange(r) People

Hello friends!

Life has been pretty exciting lately... I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Newfoundland, I've moved into a brand new apartment in the heart of downtown Toronto, and I've started a new project that I'm absolutely in love with. Life is good.

So... I have absolutely fallen in love with Newfoundland. The land, the people, the atmosphere, the ocean... everything. The whole trip was surreal. Going into it I never expected the amount of beauty I witnessed over the two weeks there. Me and my co-pilot, Lexi, were able to cover most of the shoreline of the island and were able to see various terrains from mountain ranges, cliffs dropping into the ocean and vast fields with what seemed like no ending. Canada is amazing.

I won't go into it too much on this post because I'll go into all the detail in a future post dedicated to the trip. I'm not quite done the photos yet so I'll just post a sort of "teaser"...

Newfoundland Teaser:

Newfoundland - Gros Morne

Newfoundland - Gros Morne

These are just two of a lot of images i'm very happy with. I'm excited for you to see them all.

And a few fun ones...

One of our campsites. Yes, that's the ocean and a full moon... We also enjoyed a bottle of wine on a stone beach that night.

Campsite in NFLD.

This is me flying a kite at the top of Signal Hill in St. Johns.

Me flying a kite in NFLD.

And introducing my wicked co-pilot Lexi! Without her the trip would not have ran nearly as smoothly as it did. She did most of the navigating and figured out crucial things during the day... like where to camp in a campground without paying - and not get caught. Oh, and she was able to put up with me for two weeks straight! GO LEXI!


Okay, that's all about NFLD for now. Keep checking back and i'll have the official Newfoundland post up. I may be doing something pretty big before that... but stay tuned either way because i'll be posting about it as it develops.

Okkaayyy... NEXT.

Strange(r) People

I've recently started a new project that i'm super excited for called "Strange(r) People". I explain everything about it on the blog so you'll have to go over there to understand what it's about.

But... here i'll ask this... TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Strange(r) People is a project I really want to spread around. I feel that not only will I get A LOT out of it personally but other people may get something out of it as well. It IS about people. Also, it'll help my photography career so... why not?

A photo from the latest post:

Strange(r) People

I've only got one post of up so far but it gives you a good idea of what it's about. I'm also testing it with two different hosts so there's two options to check it out...

I think i'm liking Tumblr a bit more so here's that link...

And if you're into blogspot here's the link to it...

I expect to update it at least once a week with various sorts of people. I may even start theming each post. Who knows... it's still in the early stages.

So yes, I love hearing all your feedback so feel free to comment here, facebook, or any other way you can... send me a letter!

Thanks so much!