Gentleman Husbands/Big John Bates

Not too long ago a friend told me of a band she manages and recommended I check them out at their next show. So, of coarse I did and of coarse brought my camera. They put on a solid southern rock set that I absolutely loved! Solid dudes playing some good rock and roll. I recommend you check them out.

Gentleman Husbands - 8

Gentleman Husbands - 7

Gentleman Husbands - 9

Gentleman Husbands - 5


After Gentleman Husband came a band called Big John Bates. Let's just say their set was definitely unique and provided a fun/theatrical show to the fast beats of punk/rockabilly. I'll just let the photos explain...

Big John Bates - 1

Big John Bates - 7

Big John Bates - 5

Big John Bates - 10

Big John Bates - 3

Big John Bates - 4

You can see more photos of these two bands sets at

So yeah, that's that. I'm going to be posting another post soon of more nature/scenic shots. Check it too.