Toronto International Bike Show

A few of my good friends came up to Toronto to participate in a flatland bmx competition at the Toronto Bike Show. I've posted a few photos of them previously but incase you missed it they go by the name of "Pralex", their super chill, and are always having a good time loving life. Check out their blog at

Due to work I only managed to be there for about an hour and half total. Lame, I know... but you have to pay the bills. hah

So, photos?


Toronto Bike Show-5

Toronto Bike Show-2

Toronto Bike Show-1

there was also a bmx competition on at the same time. Check it.

Toronto Bike Show-11

Toronto Bike Show-9

Toronto Bike Show-8

Toronto Bike Show-12

Toronto Bike Show-7


Alright, well... that's all for now, I think.


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