It's been too long! (Paige)

Hello friends!

So, I haven't updated this in quite a while. Eesh! I've been super busy. I've picked up a job at Blacks so I've been constantly busy this last month or two. I'm finding it challenging balancing my photography with work but I'm getting used to it as time passes. I'm actually starting to enjoy being so busy. More accomplished, I believe. The way I see it is that if I'm this busy for long enough I'll start seeing some good results. I can't wait to form more of a client base so I won't have to work another job - so that I can focus entirely on my photography.

Anyways, what have I been up to other than Blacks? I've done a few shoots with the people of the Canadian Electricity Association. It was interesting to do because it was some what different from what I normally shoot. First shoot was a posed photo of 14 business men/woman and the second shoot was of their safety award ceremony. It was interesting to get a glimpse in the business world. I found it hard to picture myself working in an environment like theirs. I'm so have chosen photography as a profession.

You now may have to stretch your browser because some of these may be a little wide.

In the world of my studio photography I've shot a few friends. First was my friend Paige, it was a last minute shoot but it went well!

Here's a photo from that shoot...

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And another...

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I also did a shoot with two good friends Sarah and Shaun. The shoot went awesome! We even had some flying guests!

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So yeah, I hope you guys like them! It's bed time for me.

- Dylan.

P.s. Please don't steal them. All © Dylan Leeder. Thanks.