Mooorreee pppeeeopppleeee. (Jaden & Danielle)

Hey! I edited some more photos.

They were both from the same day as the shot of Shamus and Danielle in my other posts.

Another one of Jaden.

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Here's another of Danielle from the shoot. It's so genuine! ahah awesome.

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Also, I was looking through my Deviant Art (a website that I love) and noticed my progression since I joined the website 3 years ago.

This is around when I started first becoming really interested in photography.

And this is todays page.


You can see the way I went almost 100% portraits. Kind of funny. I think my interest in people drives my loving for portraiture. I still feel that I should venture into some other areas. Possibly some still life and more environmental shots.

Hey, I haven't really posted any of my still life on here. Want to see one?

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K, cool.