Mountain Biking

So, what's new?

I finished re-reading the last harry potter book? It was better the second time I read it. I'm SOOO amped for the movie to come out.

Okay, well I recently went to Camp Fortune with a few good friends to photograph some mountain biking. Saying that I bet you can guess what I'm about to post.


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Big thanks to my friend JD for letting me borrow his camera for the day!!

If you like those photos you can go to my website than go to the people > Sports section and check out some more from the day! There's equally as awesome photos - some of other people and sports too!

I also changed the background photo of my website to the photo of Danielle. I think it may be the best background yet.

uhm... the video of the guys playing through the school was a big hit! Everyone seems to enjoy it. It makes me want to do more video. Hopefully expect another one in the next month. Probably something else that has to do with music.

Okay. Check this out. It's one of my favorite videos ever...

So yeah! Don't forget to check out the changes on my website! The new background and even more awesome biking photos under the sports section.