Shamus & Algonquin Jam

So... what's new? I'm working at Blacks photography part-time now. It's interesting teaching old people about cameras. I met a really nice lady the other day and sat with her for an hour showing her the Nikon D5000. She was so excited about the "Macro setting".

I don't have too much to say.

This is a quick portrait I did of our friend Shamus. It was done right before I shot Danielle. He recently moved to Toronto - another reason I want to take a trip to Toronto.

Here he is.

[Image Hosted by By DylanLeeder

There should be an Image of Jaden with the same feel up soon.

Also, I did a video of him, Jaden and Thomas playing some music walking through Algonquin College. I've been getting more and more interested in video making. It isss moving pictures. hah

Check it out...

Uhmm... maybe i'll update again soon. ENJOY!