Christine & Danielle

So, thanks for the feedback on the abs! The more I've looked at it the more I've noticed how the abs are very over done in that image of Adam. I've fixed the shot now. I must have been very tired when I posted that.

So, what's new? We recently got two new photographers in the studio! I'm excited to have them in the studio! I think with their addition the studio is going to head in a more professional manner. So yeah, welcome Alex ( and Christine!

I edited a few more photo's of Christine from our last shoot. I like the way they're similar.

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Also, I recently shot a good friend Danielle in the studio. I was able to use Andrews newly purchased umbrella - it's super big so was able to produce a nice soft light! Also, Christine provided us with some nice black roll paper. I think shooting on black roll paper is my favorite.

Check the first edited shot... it's wide so you may have to stretch your browser. Or click it.

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So, who want's to buy me a new camera?