Guy And Girl Fashion. (Adam & Chrissi)


It seems like it has been a busy last while.

I did a shoot with Adam recently. He's a model from Barrett Palmer ( It went really well! I don't usually shoot male models so it was cool to switch it up. He brought everything and did his hair himself so that was easy, and we enjoy the same music so we rocked out to breakdowns the whole time.

Here are his shots:

If you want to see before and after just ask me.

I also shot Chrissi. She contacted me over and asked to do a shoot with a local clothing artist. Everything ran smoothly and we were able to get a few outfits done in a minimal amount of time Although the shoot went well - it made me realize I need to practice more lighting schematics at the studio. Here are some photo's from that shoot. I didn't put my signature on the one with the yellow shirt because I felt it'd throw off the symmetry of the photo too much, just don't take it hah.

What else?

I updated my website! There's a photo from the shoot with sarah a while back as the background now. You guys can check that one out there.

I also did a shoot with two of my good friends. They wanted to get some photo's for their myspace. We decided to just head over to the Algonquin garden area. Such a beautiful place. It'd be such a cool program to take.

Here is a shot from the shoot... but again, all the colors are off and it looks really dark. Full view the image at this link to see it correctly

Gah. I need a new camera. Damn money.

I also finished my first album for Baz. It was frustrating at times but I feel that after doing it more it'll become more of a second nature. I think it will be good practice for the design aspect of photography.

I wanted to mention a website. It's a website full of amazing speech's that cover a large variety of topics. I recently watched one on motivation - it was really interesting. There's also some speech's by photographers as well.

Also here is the link to the speech on motivation:

A few other photographers that are going to the same college I went to are putting on an exhibition called Face and Film. It should be interesting. The images are all shot on film so it'll be nice to be reintroduced to the beauty of film. So, if you're in the Ottawa area you should go check it out!

Okay, I think that's good for now.

You guys should check out the song Candy by Paolo Nutini and if you're into heavier stuff check out August Burns Red's new CD.

Have a good day!