It's late. (Family Photos & Organ Eyes)

Hello. So, I am very tired so I don't know how much i'm going to put on this. I I recently started working for a photography named Baz. I am building digital photo albums of his wedding photo's and I'm pretty excited about this - I feel like it'll improve my wedding photo's as I will see a lot of wonderful examples. I'm happy to be working with such a talented photographer. You can check his stuff out at

Also, I recently uploaded my website. I'm really excited to have it finally up. I designed and built it myself. Took a long time and is not completely done yet - I feel like I'll be constantly working on it. But, that's okay with me. It will only get better. You can check it out at I built the whole thing with Adobe Flash and tried to maintain a simple easy flowing design. Before I finished it I forgot how to use masks... which is frustrating because it would have made it a lot easier/smoother. Oh well. For anyone interested I decided to do a print screen of the building process.

And you can see the "after" at the actual link.

What else is new...

I shot a wedding on Saturday for Diane and Dustin. It went really well! The weather was perfect and the location was amazing. The ceremony was held at a beautiful home on the top of a hill overlooking the water. It was my first wedding I had an assistant for and everything ran very smoothly. I huge thanks to Jaden for sticking through the day with me - with no previous camera training or experience shooting such a large event he pulled it off very well! Thanks Jaden! Also, a huge thanks to Christian Mackie for allowing me to borrow his D300 and to Andrew Cottingham for letting me borrow his equipment as well! I'll have some photos from the day later this week.

Recently I also took some photo's for a family. They were all very nice and we got lucky with some nice weather and a very short distance from the river to take photo's.

Both the kids had a lot of energy and were really fun to work with! As you can see here:

For some reason the photo's look a bit darker/saturated on here. But you can get the general idea.

Also, I recently went and took photos of a few friends bands. All played well. The Roaring Frog is very dark so getting well lit pictures was kind of difficult. Lighting conditions such as this make me want a better camera so bad. I need a camera that produces little amount of noise in a high ISO.

Here are some examples:

... and more.

okay. Uhmm I probably have more so maybe i'll update again in the next few days.

Also, everyone should check out Said The Whale, Fever Ray, and August Burns Red. Check em out.

Have a good day.