There's a cow in this one.

Ah! It's been too long since I've done this!! Well, what has happened.

We had our Studio opening! It went really well! A decent amount of people came out and had a grand ol' time! Drinks were had, people were met... and people were impressed :D. Pretty exciting.

Heres a picture later in the night when it started to become more of a party:

What else! Oh! I got my business cards! Except the host of my website has been screwing me around. It's been almost two weeks and they havn't given me a host! And i've called them 4 times - each time they say the next step will fix the problem. DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF.

I decided to go extremely simple with the design of the card. I used the Eurostile font. (which I use for most of my business stuff). I also chose to not put a picture on it because I get sick of my photo's really quick; so seeing the same one over and over would drive me insane and i'd be frustrated it's on there.

here they are:

... So I just got the website host. Now it's a matter of getting it online. It's more confusing than I thought it would be. I'm hoping I can get it up tomorrow night. I'm excited. I think this will be a good step in getting things going. Now my business cards will actually link to something. hah oh man.

Things seem to be getting more busy. I kind of like that. Bring it.

Some pictures.

I forgot to put my signature on them... but please don't take them. ©DylanLeeder2009