Mac Johnson Tape

BLLOOGGGEEERRR!! Ah, i've been meaning to do this for a while now.

Lately I've just been trying to get shit together. I'm going for my first shoot with Stock Foundry Images today at 5:00. I'm excited to get the ball rolling. I'm hoping this job will have lot's of potential and it's seeming to look like it's going to.

Where am I going with this?

I think i'm going to try and get more structure in my life. Today I was contemplating getting up early every morning, go ride my little bike (Which i have named MJ) for an hour, get back and shower/eat and then continue my day by getting as much done possible. I want to start doing atleast 3 shoots a week - two for Stock Foundry and one for my personal portfolio. Should keep me busy.

I'm also beginning to get more clients for various jobs - which I am VERY thankful for. It's reassuring that I'm getting jobs and yet still don't have business cards or a website. Once I start getting money I will get those for sure. Well... definitely before the end of the month because Studio 77's grand opening is at the end of the month... need 'em for then.

Also, I wanted to share this story that I fell in love with and really touched my heart:

My parents divorced a bit more than a year ago and things are still trying to get settled. There is still stuff of my dads in my moms garage. So - being as curious as I am, I was in the garage simply looking around and I found a mixed tape. The mix tape had the songs and bands written with effort past just scribbling them down... and the tape was titled "Happy Birthday, tunes for a westbound trooper of adventure". So I continued to ask my mom the story behind it and this is it:

My dad once had a best friend named Morgan. Apparently they were the best of friends. I'm sure if you're reading this you can compare to a best friend of your own - the one your life wouldn't be the same without. This Morgan man apparently was a huge influence on my parents marriage and when I was born he gave me a tie dyed shirt. So cool. I've always had an interest in this man.

Morgan was also a "Dead head" meaning he used to tour around following the band The Grateful Dead ( I thought this was amazing for I have a huge interest and love of the 60's and 70's music culture. So, during his travels it is believed he was killed in Mexico.

People are skeptical of his death in that during that time the mexican police were known for pulling over people and robbing them. The police told the family/friends back home that he was killed in a car accident and that they found him on the side of the road. Apparently for some reason people are skeptical (I believe it's because there story was so unbelievable... for some reason) and they think that Morgan was killed by the mexican police. Nothing was ever really solved.

... so... this tape was a birthday gift for my dad from Morgan. For me the tape became almost magical. It represents to me a man that I have never known and always wanted to. A man that my dad was able to build a very strong friendship with, which I feel is particularly difficult for him. A man that lived a dream I would die to live. A man that lived a free spirited... a westbound trooper of adventure.

So, I HAD to listen to it. I've listened to it around four times since I found it on Saturday and I truly believe that I know more about this man based on the music I hear. I feel that it's the closest I will ever be to him, and the closest i'll ever get to knowing who he was. The music truly speaks.

Here is a picture of the tape:

Also, here are some images I took over the weekend. Nothing really interesting just the places I visited:

This is a Maggie style photo. hahah

Jaden in a tree!!