Upppdddaatttee!! So, I got hired with Stock Foundry Images as a "Shoot Coordinator". Basically I just plan the shoots... conceptualize, find models, find locations, get everyone together... then the photographer shoots it. They were talking about getting me shooting quickly, tho. I'm happy about this I just hope it's enough money to live off of.

I'll hopefully have my website up by the end of this month. And business cards. Agh, money.

I recently edited another picture of a good friend, Sam.

I also posted it on my deviant art ( and am frustrated in the fact that it's had the most views of any picture i've posted in the last three months. And, yet still has no comments or favorites; I don't care about getting them... it's just the fact that it's the most viewed because she's in her bra. I wish people would appreciate the photo and not take it as another photo to see a partly dressed girl in. It's art.


Uhmm... the studio is basically done!! Just have to put a few more pictures on the wall! It looks SO good! I just wanted to take a second to give a huge thanks to JD Wienecke and Andrew Cottingham for all the help and for the opportunity of opening a studio with them! I'm lucky to be working with such awesome dudes! We've decided to call it Studio 77 and it's located on Fifth St. just off the corner of Bank and Fifth; such an amazing location. We'll be having a grand opening for photographers/models/agents in the Ottawa photography field. That should be an interesting night!

Heres JD's website: and here's Andrews website:

anndd... here is a photo of the finished studio. Andrew took a full panorama. Look closely and you can see the photo meets on the left and right side of the photo. Complete 360 view!

(Click the photo to see it bigger)