Blog blog blog. Things are starting to speed up when it comes to "Dylan Leeder Photography"... I may have to put it on a halt for a while until I make some more money tho. It's frustrating... "Spend money to make money". I just want to be able to do incredible shoots.


So, what have I been up to...

Spent a day on the St. Lawrence river (I'll add a few pictures at the end). Went and saw an amazing castle and such. I love the river.

Last night I had some sort of panic attack while watching UFC. It may have actually been too much. It bothered me seeing someone get knocked out.

What else... I don't know. Busy week ahead I think.

Time for pictures:

This shot was from me and my good friend Andrew Cottinghams shoot. We were just practicing with flashes and asked Deo to sit in. Randomly found it.

Andrew is also one of the guys opening the studio with me. Check out his work:

Please click on it to see a better version:
You can also see it here:

Here are some shots of where I spent today:

This is a castle we boated by... It was built by a man for his wife. The island is in the shape of a heart. The wife died so the building is unfinished. Beautiful story.

Really into Mad Caddies live cd.
Really liked the Star Trek movie.
I'm appreciating summer.
Life is going to get more intense quick.
Peace out friends!