Okay, so first off a bit about a recent world event...
They recently found a new fossil that apparently is the "missing link" in the evolution process. This means that there's even more evidence of the evolution theory... therefore making it even harder for me to understand how people can deny it. It's science man...
Here's a link to the story:
Pretty damn cool.
So what has been up in my life?
I've finished the structure of my website and now it's just about adding photo's and finding a good host for it. Also, when I put my website online i'll be ordering my business cards. They're going to be pretty plain and simple; but it's what I want.
Also today I paid my first months rent and got my key for my studio. I'm pretty amped about it. We talked a lot about the interior and how we're going to make it. It's going to be all white with black furniture/tables. It's going to be classy. It's got a full bathroom, garage, kitchenette, and a high roof. Hell yeah. It's right off of bank street too! Such a good location.
Uhmm... I think that's all for now.
Have some pictures:
Here's a shot I took of Jaden yesterday: